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DC or DCC - it really doesn't matter to us.


Everyone can enjoy appropriate sound on their layout for much, much less than the cost of a single dcc sound fitted locomotive. so who are we and what do we do?


We are railway modellers just like you, the only difference being that we model in sound.  With access to an almost limitless library of recordings, and professional recording equipment, we layer and blend different sounds to make a totally realistic "real world" sound background exclusive to each customer's layout


So if your lines run past an engineering works, a busy high street or beside a rushing stream in the countryside, we will build that world for you. Similarily, what is the weather doing? What time of day is it? What events and scenes are depicted on your layout? What year is it? All of these factors can be incorporated to build a sound representation of your model railway 


Platform announcements that describe the stations and timetable on your particular layout? No problem. With a range of era specific methods of making information announcements, we can produce the right type of voice making whatever arrival, departure and generic safety calls you wish


Our recordings are delivered to you in the form of mp3 files loaded onto a USB flashdrive.  This will enable you to play your recordings on dedicated players, laptops, PCs and so on with speakers placed on, around or below your layout - in plain view or tucked away inside buildings or scenery.  Whatever the effect you wish to achieve, we can help you to achieve it 


Welcome then to the world of model railway bespoke sound recordings; we are at your service