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So having chosen your SoundPad and train packs, it's just a matter of selecting which sound effects and events you would like to add.  Let's say you want to hear station staff working on the platforms, a fire engine passing close to the station and the vicar cycling on his way to St Mary's

The SoundPad is here 

The SoundPad is a 7 inch touchscreen tablet that allows you to simultaneously play real world sounds that you have chosen for your layout to bring it even more to life


Every single SoundPad is pre-installed with a three tone announcement chime, 7 information and security platform announcements, 2 guards' whistles and 4 different weather conditions. Even with these few sound installations you can create varied and realistic sound backgrounds for your layout


In addition, you can purchase additional environments, train sound packs and sound effects. The train sound packs will never match the performance of sound-fitted locomotives but then not only are they not designed to, but a SoundPad with remote speaker and several additional train packs and sound effects doesn't cost anything like the price of a single DCC sound fitted engine!  Moreover it works with analogue and digital layouts for any gauge and any situation


Our train packs do, with a little practice, allow you to match the engines' sounds to what is happening on your layout

Not only do you control which sounds are loaded to the SoundPad and when you play them, but you can also adjust the volume of each individual sound simply and easily. For example if you have added the Fire Engine sound effect but want it to sound more distant, with a couple of taps you can lower the volume and send it miles away from your railway station!  And if we dont have the sound you want in our Shop on the menu above, tells us what you need and we will do our level best to generate what you need for the same price as those in the Shop