Modern Style Platform Announcement

Modern Style Platform Announcements

Click the picture to hear an announcement from a set ordered by our client, who required a station staff member’s voice announcing post privatisation services

Computer Generated Platform Announcements

Clicking the image will take you to a computer-generated voice making the platform announcement. We can provide this service using a male or female voice, or a mixture of both if you prefer

Older Style Tannoy Information

This picture will take you back to the times when the tannoy announcement was the main, if not the only source of passenger information. Invariably sombre, these announcements were more lengthy and repeated the information

Commissioned Work – The Blitz

This image links to a lengthier clip, part of a soundtrack commissioned by Mr O. of Washington, USA.  We take great care to ensure that sound effects and library sounds are both authentic and correct for the project. You can hear recordings of the correct emergency vehicles in this clip for example

Commissioned Work – A Rural Spring Morning

As far from the previous project as it’s possible to be, clicking on the picture of this rural idyll takes you deep into the British countryside.  This client runs DCC sound fitted locomotives, so the commission was to create the sounds of the world around her single track country line

Commissioned Work – Devon in the 1960s

This picture will take you to the transition from steam to diesel.   The brief was to create the sounds of a large town’s busy station as it gets going in the morning, Don’t be fooled by the peaceful start, it’s about to get busy, dirty and noisy!