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...because Sound tells the story - the home of model rail Bespoke Platform Announcements

WELCOME to - the home of model train sound generators, train sound modules and our popular Bespoke Platform Announcements. 


We have designed various products to create realistic soundscapes as “aural backdrops” for all eras from the turn of last century to the modern day. As no two days are the same (any more than any two layouts) we offer a choice of weather conditions, times of day, era and location.

Whether you model in DCC or DC, our products are suitable for all indoor gauges. Navigating the above menu will guide you around the details of the Soundscapes available to add that extra, unique, dimension to your layout.





Whether you are buying platform announcements or soundscapes, or both, your purchase will be loaded onto a USB flashdrive for use with your own player and an electronic copy kept here should you need it in the future.  You can purchase a rechargeable portable player/speaker from our shop if you have need.


Finally, for any questions or more information please feel free to drop us a line here. We are genuinely committed to the best possible customer service and would love to hear from you, in return, we promise not to retain your details beyond the duration of your enquiry, nor will we email out newsletters, updates or marketing... ever.


Therefore, to see developments and new products as they are released, may we respectfully suggest that you follow us on social media - the links are below.

Each 30 minute soundscape has been carefully mixed without the use of looped sound effects, to produce a natural and realistic sound backdrop to your modelling.

In addition to our model train sound generator projects, we can also record a platform announcer specific to your layout.


Using this service you can order 6 platform announcements for train arrivals/departures, and we will include further generic ones free of charge such as security announcements, delayed services etc.


Typically this will give between 15 and 20 platform announcements over a 30 minute recording, although it is YOU who signs off the final scripts and running order prior to recording.