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So, how does it work?


Let us imagine that your layout depicts a dock scene in the mid 20th century. We ask you what sounds you wish to have incorporated, and you decide you'd like it relatively low key (or low quay if your mind works that way).


You instruct us to include harbour sounds, background shunting, and workmen unloading the lorry onto the vans.  You tell us that it is in the middle of the day and a breezy, overcast day 



If you click on the 'play' button to the left there is a 2 minute clip of how we might put those instructions together for you.  At the very end, for those that remember them, is one of the workers kicking a Corona bottle as he walks away

The process of commissioning a project is rather like having a suit made to measure, and no payment is required initially


Firstly, and in detailed consultation with you, we will gain an understanding of the sounds and events you would like included.


Once we have a feel for the project, we will draw up a recording schedule split into 15 second segments for near, mid and distant sounds, designed to match your layout. The schedule is sent to you to approve or amend. This process is repeated until such time as you are happy to proceed. Up until this point you are under no obligation, and can walk away from the project owing us nothing


If you decide that you do wish to commission the proposed recording, we will invoice you for payment according to the costs shown below


Once payment is received we will add your project onto our work schedule, all work being carried out in the order in which we have received payment. When your project is recorded, we will send you a poor quality mp3 file copy for you to approve or amend. This process is repeated until you are happy, whereupon we will send you the final “cleaned-up” recording. 


Typically, this process takes around 15 working days – although this is, of course, dependent upon how many orders are already on our work schedule at the time you make your payment


In the unlikely event that, after several amends and re-records to your approval copy, you feel that we have failed to provide the quality of product you wish for, you can inform us that you wish to withdraw from the process. In this case we will retain 50% of the purchase price to partially cover our costs and refund you the remaining 50%. We hope that you will be reassured to hear that we have never had to issue a refund!


The minimum recording length is 30 minutes which costs £50 inclusive. You are free to increase the recording in 15 minute increments, each charged at an additional £25


To start the process of ordering a soundscape, or if you have any questions or require any clarification on any aspect of this recording service, please use the Contact Us tab from the navigation menu above