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...because Sound tells the story - the home of model rail Bespoke Platform Announcements

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We genuinely look forward to hearing from you, so please do feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or anything else! elves are waiting to hear from you

We are a small concern based in the glorious seaside town of Sutton-on-Sea just outside Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire


Having struggled for years to find suitable a platform announcement generator, or recording service, we started producing our own recordings


It then naturally followed that others might be in the same position, and that we could solve the problem without them having to pay silly money. And that’s it, simple as.....


There are some heroes of ours that deserve a mention - foremost, a chap called Dave who is building a magnificent layout and, more importantly, producing excellent videos of each step of the process. If you haven’t come across Dean Park Station before, we suggest you grab a mug of tea, a full packet of cho-o-late HobNobs and squirrel yourself away somewhere. The videos are both informative and entertaining, and it was watching DaveClass47 of Dean Park Station that gave us the confidence to start modelling seriously which in turn led to


Dave....we salute you!


Other heroes include J and Charlie; the late Humphrey Littleton, the inventors of Yorkshire Puddings, siestas, and of course Chocolate Hobnobs; Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace; the late and greatly missed Michael Amos; our new train(ees) Mr Barrow and Scudder; Alan Turin; Messrs. Farish, Hattons and Peco; Les Français que nous admirons grandement and....did we mention a certain biscuit? To misquote Maureen Lipman in Educating Rita, wouldn’t you just die without Choc-o-late HobNobs?

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