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If you would like to modify one of the sound products shown above, you can add up to 5 more sounds using our SoundsForaPound service.  Each added sound costs £1.  So for example, you might decide you'd like "A Rural Spring Morning" with a tractor ploughing, the local bus arriving and a plane flying overhead.  One Off the Shelf background plus three additional sounds at £1 each would come to £18 incl.


We have access to an extensive sound library and have so far have never been unable to meet a client request for any given sound.


To use this service, or have any other enquiry whatsoever, give us a yell here with the details of the background and additional sounds that you would like and we'll do our very best to help, even if that means going out and recording the sound or effect you require.

An Early 20th Century Urban Windswept Night
Early 20th

This recording is set in a very busy urban location in the first half of the 1900s

The soundscape is less populated given that it depicts  the night when few would have been abroad. Occasional horse drawn wagons pass, along with an early motor car or two. It is a blowy night, perfect cover for footpads and ne'erdowells who you may just detect, and a distant Peeler giving chase. The town clock chimes midnight

As the description suggests, the transport and technology used in an Early 20th Century Urban Spring Morning makes it most suitable for late Victorian and later layouts.

Running time 30 minutes